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Question2Answer Wiki

Welcome to Question2Answer Wiki. Here you will find documentation, tutorials and references for Q2A and its features, in an ever-expanding Wiki. This Wiki is mantained by the members of Q2A community, so don't be shy, contribute too. :)

Question2Answer (Q2A) is a free, Open Source PHP Q&A system. From the official website:

A Q&A site helps your online community to share knowledge. People with questions quickly get the answers they need. The community dynamic is enriched by commenting, voting, notifications, user points and rankings wich are expanded by plugins


Documentation - If you're a simple user/administrator, check here first.

Development - If you're a programer you may wan't to look to this section and learn about the technicals aspects of Q2A.

Plugins - Discover a wealth of plugins here for extending the functionality of Q2A, and if you have developed a plugin you can list it here.